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In his moving presentation, speaker Jay Blake motivates the audience to pursue their life dreams by using his personal testimony following a life-changing accident which left him totally blind and without the senses of smell and taste. Jay recounts his journey from the accident to realizing his dream of owning a professional racing team. Important life values and skills such as positive attitude, the importance of education, pursuing your dreams with passion, self-determination, and team building are underscored in this motivational, life-affirming address from a speaker who, indeed, has “walked the walk.” While Mr. Blake’s passion is automotive based, presentations are designed to inspire individuals to pursue their life goals. Material is effective and suitable for audiences ranging from students to business teams and can be customized to meet the needs of your group.


We lost in the semis. Shook the tires. We are gunna pack up, and start our trip to Lebanon Valley. Crew did a great job this weekend between sitting in the rain, and the heat! #Peramtex #FastOrange #SprayNineTough #NHRA #TAFC ... See MoreSee Less

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But you won leading up to the semis! Good run team! I am proud of you!

Good luck

Looking forward to seeing you at Lebanon this weekend!

We won second round with a 5.54 at 266mph! Headed to the semis. #TAFC #FollowADream #Permatex #SprayNineTough #FastOrange #SnapOnTools ... See MoreSee Less

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Yay! Well done!

Getting closer to raising a wally

Keep going!


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