Marketing Partnerships

Marketing Partnerships

As a Follow A Dream partner, your company leverages a one of a kind opportunity to build brand awareness, increase visibility and earn exposure. Follow A Dream collaborates with your marketing team to create powerful image and promotion programs that extend beyond the drag racing sector to achieve success for our partners.

  • Reaching Out to the Community. As a marketing partner, your company will build a strong community image through your involvement in our inspirational program. As a result of our efforts, Follow A Dream has been featured in print, radio, and television media, featured on major broadcast networks including CBS, NBC, CNN, ESPN, and chronicled in a feature in the NY Times Sports Section.
  • Capture Consumer Loyalty. Drag racing provides an enthusiastic audience of brand loyalists who support the companies that back their favorite racers. Of the estimated 70 million American NHRA fans, 25 million are classified as “avid.” According to the NHRA, 70% of fans are “likely to buy a
    sponsor’s advertised product.” Because of your commitment to drag racing, these fans are more likely to seek out and purchase your products over those of your competition. The high degree of visibility enjoyed by events in cities adjacent to the racetrack also allows for local promotional tie-ins.

Support Opportunities

Through our active Community Outreach program, Follow A Dream inspires thousands of people each year through our mission of demonstrating the Power of Positive Thinking, Self-Determination, and Teamwork. As a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, Follow A Dream relies on the generosity of its racing program partners, corporate community sponsors and individual contributors to continue our successful program.

There are numerous opportunities for companies and individuals to participate in helping others by supporting Follow A Dream:

Racing Partner Programs

Every Follow A Dream racing partner program is customized with the components necessary to achieve success for our partners. Follow A Dream will work with your marketing team to tailor a specific results-oriented program.

Community Outreach Partner

Looking for a new way to market to youth and teens, or to enhance your image of community involvement? Whether promoting a national brand or a local business, your company can leverage the philanthropic benefits of sponsoring a Follow A Dream presentation series. Each series includes a tailored presentation along with a race car display and is delivered to your targeted audience and geographic market.

Speaking Event Sponsorship 

Seeking an inspirational presentation for your community, business, school, or healthcare facility? Team up with Follow A Dream to inspire participants to shift into positive thinking and to follow and achieve their dreams through self-determination and teamwork.

Individual Donations 

Follow A Dream welcomes the generosity of individual donors at all levels. As a supporter, you will receive our newsletter and special invitations to Follow A Dream events. Pledge your tax-deductible contribution on-line at or contact Follow A Dream directly.

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