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The Power of Positive Thinking, Self-Determination, & Teamwork Through Motorsports

Follow A Dream Race Team is a remarkable story in itself, and winning at the national level is only part of it. Follow A Dream's owner and crew chief, Jay lost his eyesight in a tire explosion in 1997, but he did not lose his positive attitude on life, nor his desire to pursue his dreams. Jay had always wanted to form his own race team, and in spite of his serious setback, he continued to focus on his goals. Through years of incredible determination and perseverance, he was able to realize his dream and founded Follow A Dream Racing. Since then, the team has worked its way up the rankings to become one of the top Funny Car teams in the world.

Turning his dream into a reality, Jay combined his participation in drag racing with his desire to spread his true-life success by inspiring others to accomplish their goals through the Power of Positive Thinking, Self-Determination, and Teamwork. Jay tours the country giving his “5 Tools for Life Success” motivational presentation at schools, corporate events, military bases, as well as promotional and charitable events.

2 days ago

Follow A Dream

Happy Valentine's Day from Follow A Dream!

#FollowADream #CarGuysValentines #RaceCarValentine #ImSingle #SingleandReadytoMingle #RacecarLove


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Love you man - lets have a beer soon brother!

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4 days ago

Follow A Dream

Follow A Dream Season Update!
Thanks for all your support!
See you at Maple Grove!

#FollowADream #MapleGrove #NHRA #TAFC #MillerWelding #MechanixWear #Clevite #Mahle #SafetyKleen #FastOrange #ShopCrane #NGK #ThankYou


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I wish you the best of luck

Hope you guys get a sponsor, good luck

Sorry to hear that. Hang in there . What goes around comes around and all the good you do certainly will come back to you. I’m believing it!

Believe in your Dream and a Sponsor could happen

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