AgReliant Genetics – Doug Alderman

We had Jay Blake from Follow A Dream speak at our dealer sales launch in August 2016. To sum it up, Jay absolutely motivated our entire team. He spoke of what it takes to overcome adversity, never give up, and go on to realize success through his "Five Tools For Your Life's Tool Box" (Positive Attitude, Education, Passion, Determination, and Teamwork.) Many speakers have a similar talk, but few have experienced it and lived it as Jay has. His delivery was outstanding, having the entire audience of 200+ people mesmerized to the point you could hear a 'pin drop' in the room.

When people continue to talk about our guest speaker and his message several months after the fact, I know they were inspired - I know that I am.

Doug Alderman, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, AgReliant Genetics Inc., PRIDE Seeds